Excellent use of splitting lectures and practise up. Kept attention. Please don’t change the format of the day! Instructors were lovely and very helpful with tips.
Great course. Importantly time was maximised to get us scanning. Must have done 5/6 mentored scans by the end of the day.
Having attended another FICE course previously, this was far superior because there was much more scanning time, the lectures were relevant and it was set at an appropriate level.
Very well run, pitched at the right level. Would recommend.
It was a very organised, very focussed and very practical course which has enabled me to start practising FICE in my ICU and will help me managing my patients in a better way.
Faculty were helpful and approachable – thank you
No improvements needed. Provided a great course. Thank you very much.
Enjoyed FICE course, well organised. Would recommend!
Good course, well organised. Good food. Groups of 3 gave plenty of time to practice scanning. Thanks.
Excellent. Will recommend!